Treating bacterial gastroenteritis

Il trattamento è destinato a mantenerti idratato e ad evitare complicazioni. È importante non perdere troppo sale, come il sodio e il potassio. Il tuo corpo ha bisogno di queste in determinate quantità per poter funzionare correttamente.

Se si dispone di un grave caso di gastroenterite batterica, si può essere ricoverato in ospedale e somministrato fluidi e sali per via endovenosa. Gli antibiotici sono di solito riservati ai casi più gravi.

Home rimedi per casi lievi

If you have a milder case, you may be able to treat your illness at home. Try the following:

- Drink fluids regularly throughout the day, especially after bouts of diarrhea.
- Eat little and often, and include some salty foods.
- Consume foods or drinks with potassium, such as fruit juice and bananas.
- Don’t take any medications without asking your doctor.
- Go to the hospital if you can’t keep any fluids down.

A few ingredients you may have at home can help keep your electrolytes balanced and treat diarrhea. Ginger can help combat infection and make stomach or abdominal pain less severe. Apple cider vinegar and basil can also soothe your stomach as well as strengthen your stomach against future infections.

Avoid eating dairy, fruit, or high-fiber foods to keep diarrhea from getting worse.

Over-the-counter medicines that neutralize your stomach acid can help fight these infections. Medicines that treat symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pains can help ease the stress and pain of the infection. Don’t take over-the-counter treatments unless your doctor tells you to do so.