Absolute new trends in laminated floorings – Fishbone collectionfrom the Stone Floor company

It wouldseem, than we can never be surprised in this product like laminate flooring? Already has been invented everything that you can think of – imitation of stone structures, imitation of solid wood and parquet, laminate art prints and paintings – what else?

And, itturned out that new ideas from the manufacturers of laminate are not over! One of the largest Chinese manufacturers of floor coverings – the company StoneFloor invented acompletely new kind of laminate flooring, which is completely and 100% imitates the parquet with the old the 18th centurymethod of laying, which was called the herringbone – or, as they say – fish bone.

Thislaminate is fundamentally different from all the others. In order to lay it are used two different types of locks, as the installation of the coating is done at an angle of 45ᵒ.Accordingly, in one package you will find mixed boards, which should be properly put together in a stylish and beautiful pattern.

Thefundamental difference of Stone Floor laminate is also the fact that the customercan choose the decor he likes from different types of HDF boards – conventional and 100% water-resistant. Choosing a water-resistant board you can use this flooring even in such areas as kitchen, bathroom, balcony. Please note that the manufacturer, despite the 100% water resistance of the coating, does not recommend its use in outdoor areas, but only in indoor ones.

The novelty– Fishbone laminate collection, which we talk about, has alreadybeen presented at the world interior exhibition Domotex in cities such as Hanover, Dubai and Shanghai. It aroused great interest from the experts of this market and the company has already received new orders for the production of these products for delivery to different countries of the world.

Production andproducts of Stone Floor plant are widely presented in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The plant continues to expand and annually offers its innovative ideas in the field of floor industry. Today Stone Floor is already among the TOP5 largest manufacturers in China with a wide global representation.

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